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Automobile Periodic Inspection

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Periodic Inspection
  • Documentary Proof:
    1. New Automobile License Plate Registration Form (Small private vehicles are excluded.)
    2. Vehicle Registration.
    3. Motor Insurance Certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days).
    4. It is necessary to pay off payments and penalties as follows.
  • Accumulated expenses on fuel fee (receipt enclosed)
  • All unpaid fines for disobeying the “Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations” (receipt enclosed)
  • Fines for disobeying the Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act
  • Please come to our office or our authorized motor companies for inspections within 30 days before or after the specific inspection dates on your vehicle registration. (If documentary proofs (for example, vehicle registration or license plates) of vehicles of other cities and counties are under suspension or cancellation, please go to the traffic violation arbitration institute or motor vehicle office where your vehicle is registered to deal with penalty and inspection. Our Department cannot conduct inspections.)
  • Inspection fee: NT$450 for light vehicles and trailers, NT$600 for large vehicles, and NT$200 for motorcycles. If a person does not attend an inspection following the stipulated period of time (which violates Article 17 of Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations), a car owner will have to pay a fine of between NT$ 900 and NT$ 1,800.
  • Owners of large vehicles should come to our office's Headquarters, Minzu Branch Factory or Siaogang Branch Factory of Mitsubishi Fuso Motor Company, Mingsin Motor Industry in Cianjhen District,Siaogang Motor in Siaogang District, or Changyang Motor in NaziDistrict in Kaohsiung to receive an inspection.
Inspection Hours of Our office’s Headquarters: Monday to Friday Morning: 08:00 ~ 11:30 Afternoon: 13:00 ~ 16:30
Visitors: 322 Update Date: 107-09-07 Maintenance Unit: Vehicle Management Section, Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office