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Notice for Written Test

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  • Switch off your mobile phone before written/oral test.
  • No drinks, foods, betel nuts or chewing gums.
  • Backpacks and other carry-on belongings should be put on the desk in the front of the Written Test Room.
  • The process of testing is recorded by video cameras. Talking, peeking at others, or looking up textbooks are strictly prohibited.
  • Please check the personal data shown on the computer monitor, and click the button to begin the test.
  • You have 30 minutes for written test and 45 minutes for oral test.
  • To pass the test, you should get at least 85 points.
  • You can press the “next” or ”icon” button to temporarily skip any difficult question, and answer it later.
  • After the score is shown on the monitor, please go to the front desk for proctor and wait for the instruction.
  • If you failed the test, you cannot have a re-test until 7 days later (including holidays).
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