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Bilingual Glossary | 中英詞彙對照 
Bilingual Glossary
Verification Certificate of R.O.C. Driver's License 中華民國汽車駕駛執照審查證明書
Application Form for Converting to R.O.C. Driver’s with Foreign Driver’s License 外國駕駛執照換發中華民國駕駛執照申請書
Investigation and Changes in the Registration for Automobile (Motorcycle) Drivers 汽 (機)車駕駛人審驗暨各項異動登記書
Application Form for International Driving Licenses Permit 國際駕駛執照簽證申請書
Application Form for Refund of Vehicle’s Fuel Charge 汽車燃料使用費退費申請書
Agreement of Starting or Terminating Automatic Payment of Vehicle’s Fuel Charge 委託終止轉帳代繳汽車燃料使用費約定書
Statistical Table for Numbers of Automobiles (Motorcycles) in Kaohsiung City 高雄市汽機車數量統計表
Directorate General of Highways, MOTC 交通部公路總局
Taipei Motor Vehicle Supervision Office 臺北區監理所
Hsinchu Motor Vehicles Office 新竹區監理所
Taichung Motor Vehicles Office 臺中區監理所
Chia-yi Motor Vehicles Office 嘉義區監理所
Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office 高雄區監理所
Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office 臺北市區監理所
Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office 高雄市區監理所
Kaohsiung Office of Traffic Adjudication 高雄市交通事件裁決所
Revenue Service Office, Kaohsiung City 高雄市稅捐稽徵處
Transportation Directions 交通指引
Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park 都會公園
Kaihsuan Primary School 凱旋國小
driver 駕駛人
technician 技術士
mechanic 技工
the joint-service implementation project of highways supervisory affairs and household registration affairs in Kaohsiung City 高雄市公路監理與戶政機關聯合服務執行方案
one place to receive all various applications, complete service all the way through, and the government organizations united as one 一次收件、全程服務、政府一體
the project for reviewing and reforming the system of motor vehicle revocation, reclamation and clearance 機動車輛報廢回收清除處理制定檢討改造工程計畫
Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan 行政院環境保護署
New Automobile License Plate Registration Form 汽車新領牌照登記書
Motor Insurance Certificate 強制汽車責任保險保險證
Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations 道路交通管理處罰條例
highways supervision authority 公路監理機關
Rearview mirror 照後鏡
mudguard 擋泥板
New Motorcycle License Plate Registration Form 機器腳踏車新領牌照登記書
Violates the Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations 違反道路交通管理處罰事件
Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan 行政院金融監督管理委員會
cash 現金
money order 郵政匯票
receipt of remittance 劃撥收據
ID Card 國民身分證
military ID Card 軍人身分證
alien residence certificate 僑民居留證
Waste Motor Vehicle Recycling in Quintuplet 廢機動車資源回收五聯單
documentary proof 證明文件
provisional inspection 臨時檢驗
periodic inspection 定期檢驗
animal husbandry and breeding 畜牧養殖
carpentry 木工
cement worker 水泥工
painter 油漆工
cleaner 清潔工
plumber / electrician 水電工
domestic handicrafts (domestic handyman) 家庭手工藝
vendor (stall keeper) 攤販
land ownership certificate 土地所有權狀
household certificate 戶口名簿
affidavit 切結書
foreign worker 外籍勞工
Environmental Protection Bureau of Kaohsiung City 高雄市政府環境保護局
Air Pollution Control Act 空氣污染防制法
self-addressed stamped envelope 回郵信封
Legal representative’s letter of agreement 法定代理人同意書
physical examination 體格檢查
physical ability examination 體能測驗
written test 筆試
driving test 路考
Northern Region Vehicle Training Center, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC 交通部公路總局北部汽車技術訓練中心
Central Region Vehicle Training Center, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC 交通部公路總局中部汽車技術訓練中心
Southern Region Vehicle Training Center, Directorate General of Highways, MOTC 交通部公路總局南部汽車技術訓練中心
financial card 金融卡
by credit card 以信用卡
mailing address 通信地址
agent 代辦人
private vehicle 自用車
commercial vehicle 營業車
capacity of cylinder 汽缸容量
Taiwan Cooperative Bank 合作金庫銀行
Credit Cooperative 信用合作社
Farmers’ (Fishermans) Association 農(漁)會
Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. 中華郵政股份有限公司
Giro Account No 劃撥儲金帳號
Savings Account No 存款帳號
Passbook Savings No 存簿儲金帳號
depositor 存款人
Profit-seeking Enterprise Registration Number 營利事業統一編號
checking or saving deposit 活期或活儲帳戶
Highway Act 公路法
offshore-island tax-free vehicle inspection 離島免稅車輛檢驗
rental vehicle 租賃車
Kaohsiung Office of Traffic Adjudication 交通事件裁決所
Kaohsiung Municipal Min-Sheng Hospital 民生醫院
Datung Hospital 大同醫院
Women and Children General Hospital 婦幼醫院
Hsiao-kang Hospital 小港醫院
Bureau of National Health Insurance 中央健保局
Kaohsiung United Clinic Center 高雄聯合門診中心
Kaohsiung Medical University 私立高雄醫學大學
Jianren Hospital 健仁醫院
affidavit 切結書
eyesight 視力
bare eyesight 裸視
eyesight after correction 矯正後視力
color vision 辨色力
four limbs 四肢
mobility 活動能力
mental exhaustion 精神耗弱
blind 目盲
epilepsy 癲癇
alcohol 酒精
anesthetic 麻醉劑
stimulant 興奮劑
eye view scale 視野
night blindness 夜盲症
X-ray X光
ECG examination 心電圖檢查
principles of equality and reciprocity 平等互惠原則
Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外交領事事務局
winner of the auction 拍定人
Visitors: 1414 Update Date: 110-07-14 Maintenance Unit: Secretariat, Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office
Bilingual Glossary