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Vehicle Revocation

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Applicants should prepare documentary proofs as follows.
  • Vehicle owner's proof of identification: Registration for individuals: original copies of ID Cards, military ID Cards, or alien residence certificates should be submitted.
  • Seals
  • Original copy of vehicle registration. (Submission is not needed if it is lost.)
  • Vehicle owner's duplicate receipt of original “New Automobile License Plate Registration Form.” (If it is lost, a person can apply for its reissue.)
  • Two license plates. (If two license plates are lost, a documentary proof of the case reporting issued by a police authority needs to be submitted. If one license plate is lost, the other one should be submitted.)
  • Changes in the Registration for Automobile (Motorcycle)” in duplicate
  • If a vehicle owner entrusts an agent to handle the matter, the consignee should bring his or her own original ID Card
Processing Approach Apply at the counter Venue
  • 1st floor at the Headquarters –telephone no.: (07)361-3161 Ext. 208, 209, 210
  • Linya Station -- telephone no.: (07)225-7812 Ext. 2501, 2502
  • Those who have not paid unconcluded fines for disobeying traffic regulations or Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, or accumulated expenses on fuel fee should pay off these debts first. When applying for revocation within one month after the above-mentioned debts are paid off, a person needs to bring a receipt of the current debt payment.
  • If a vehicle (including license plates) is burnt, license plates cannot be found on the site of fire accident, or license plates are lost because of a natural accident, its owner should obtain a letter issued by a police authority and only then apply for revocation registration.
  • If a vehicle is reclaimed by institutes authorized by Environmental Protection Administration, its owner should submit “Waste Motor Vehicle Recycling in Quintuplet.”
  • If a vehicle loan is arranged, please apply for cancellation of registration before applying for revocation. E. If a vehicle's owner deceases, his or her heir needs to prepare documentary proofs of cancellation from household, the ID Card and a seal to conduct cancellation.
  • About how to tow away a vehicle after revocation, please dial the hot line of the Environmental Protection Administration (0800085717) for waste vehicle recycling.
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