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Future Prospects

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Mission:Provides a full range of convenient services to ensure the safety of people driving
Vision:Kindness, Convenience, Mobility, Validity
  • Continuing “the joint-service implementation project of highways supervisory affairs and household registration affairs in Kaohsiung City” and achieving the goal of “one place to receive the various applications and complete all the services by the means of the functional integrations within government organizations.” Handling the matters related to the reclamation and tow-away of motor vehicles to comply with “the project for reviewing and reforming the system of motor vehicle revocation, reclamation and clearance” propelled by the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan.
  • Complying with “the project for reviewing and reforming the system of motor vehicle revocation, reclamation and clearance” that Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, propels and handling matters related to reclamation and tow-away of vehicles.
  • Enhancing the management of established inspection institutes and driving schools. Every year, we invite experts to proceed periodic inspection and evaluation on the institutes a nd schools in order to make sure of entrusted inspection quality and service standard.
  • Improving safety management of tourist coaches and large motor vehicles and the training of their owners in order to enhance safety of mass transportation.
  • Combining authorized inspection institutes and driving schools to extend service scale; entrusting non-governmental groups to handle highways supervisory affairs.
  • Entrusting non-governmental organizations with administrative affairs in order to improve the utilization of human resources and the overall service efficiency.
  • Gradually scheduling renewal of office environment to offer people a convenient, efficient, comfortable and unobstructed office space.
  • Keeping on strengthening educational training in professions, techniques and service attitude of managing figures and employees, intensifying joint-service function and adopting the mobile service which staff would walk around to provide service and guidance, so as to create a friendly environment for the public.
  • Consolidating the functions of the website of our Department and the portal site to offer greater convenience to the people. We supply diverse on-line services to reduce the trouble of traveling for the public. We make full use of computers and develop service measures for reducing red tape and offering convenience to the public.
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