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Applicants should prepare documentary proofs as follows.
  • Vehicle owner's proofs of identification:
    1. Registration for individuals: original copies of ID Cards, military ID Cards, alien residence certificates, or valid driving licenses.
    2. Registration for organizations, schools and institutions: official certificates of the organizations, schools or institutions, and a standard number distributed by the finance and tax competent authority, should be submitted.
    3. Registration for companies and businesses: the company or commercial registration documents and photocopies of business registration certificate, as well as a standard number distributed by the finance and tax competent authority, should be submitted.
    4. Registration for professional practice: a photocopy of ID card of the person in charge of professional practice, documentary proofs of business, or a certificate from the society or association that the person belongs to, as well as a notification with a standard number, should be submitted.
  • Seals of a seller and a buyer (if it is a company or business, please also bring the stamp of the responsible person.).
  • Original copy of the vehicle registration.
  • Motor insurance certificate (Use the new vehicle owner for the title of an insurance policy; the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days)
  • “Application Form for Ownership Transfer” in duplicate (Download the form).
  • If a vehicle owner entrusts an agent to handle matters, the agent's original ID Card needs to be shown.
  • Legal representative's letter of agreement (Download the form; it needs to be shown if the seller and buyer is under 18 years old.).
Processing Approach Apply at the counter Venue
  • 1st floor at the Headquarters –telephone no.: (07) 361-3161 Ext. 105.106
  • –telephone no.: (07)225-7812 Ext. 105.106
  • r a vehicle license to be expired, a vehicle registration fee of NT$ 150 needs to be paid. Fuel fees collected every two years need to be collected.
    Fuel fees collected every two years are as follows.
    1. Below 50 C .C. NT$ 600
    2. 51 – 125 C .C. NT$ 900
    3. 126 – 250 C .C. NT$ 1,200
    4. 251 – 500 C .C. NT$ 1,800
    5. 501 – 600 C .C. NT$ 2,400
    6. 601 – 1200 C .C. NT$ 3,600
    7. Above 1200 C .C. NT$ 4,020
  • Those who have not paid unconcluded fines for disobeying traffic regulations, regulations governing environmental protection, or Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, or accumulated debts for vehicle license tax and fuel fee should pay off the debts first.
  • Since June 15, 2006, if the period from the manufacturing year has reached over five years, the motorcycle owner needs to arrange a provisional inspection. If the vehicle was once lost and then found, its owner needs to go to a highways supervision authority to apply for an inspection. After an inspection is passed, he or she can apply for transfer registration.
  • If a vehicle is sealed up by the court, for forbidden any change stipulated by judicial authorities, or tax authorities, the vehicle won't be eligible for transfer registration unless cancellation is conducted first.
  • A vehicle owner below 18 years old should bring his or her legal representative's original ID Card (that is, a parent's ID Card) and a the legal representative's letter of agreement.
  • When a vehicle owner deceases, his or her heir should proceed transfer by enclosing
    1. the probate certified by the court, a certificate of segmentation of shared property, a statement of agreement to giving up the Inheritance, or the resolution from a family meeting;
    2. a vehicle's owner's household certificate transcription (this is not required if the probate certified by the court is enclosed)
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