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Reissue of Payment Notification and Method of Payment

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For a private vehicle owner, fuel fee is collected in July every year; for a commercial vehicle owner, the fee is collected in March, June, September and December, that is, four seasons every year. If you have not received a notification within the period of collection, please apply for reissue by dialing (07)361-3161 Ext. 232, 233, 234. For a motorcycle owner, fuel fee is in July every year(Tel. No.: Lingya Station 225-7812 Ext. 2401). Method of payment:
  • Bring the payment notification for making payment in every financial institution.
  • Proceed payment by using a telephone voice message for transfer (Dial: 412-1111 or 412-6666. Then, dial 169# [as a“user's number”]). Follow the voice instructions and key in relevant information.
  • Bring a three-part-barcode payment notification to pay in convenience stores such as 7-11, FamilyMart, Hi-Life and OK in the collection period.
  • Use electronic transaction via credit card. Please go to the electronic highway supervision website to pay by credit card or transferring money from a savings account. The website is: (https://www.mvdis.gov.tw/m3-emv-fee/fee/fuelFee).
  • Apply for automatic transfer through financial institutions (Download the application form).
Methods of payment for fuel fee and commission fee:
Methods of Payment Commission Fee
At the service counter in every motor vehicles office, station, and financial institution Free
Automatic transfer Free
Telephone voice message and Internet system – by financial card Free
Telephone voice message and Internet system ---- by credit card The amount of commission fee depends on the regulations of different banks. It shall cost no more than 1% of the payable fuel fee.
Convenience stores Free

Those who temporarily stay in other cities or counties can go to the local motor vehicles supervision authority to apply for reissue of notification or make payment, or directly tell our Department about your mailing address (only for individuals) for future delivery of fuel fee bill.

Please retain the receipt of payment of fuel fee.

If you would like to apply for an inspection or changes of registration, please bring an original receipt of payment for verification. Note: If a vehicle owner does not follow the regulation of paying fuel fee within a collection period and fails to submit the payment within the time limit after a notification sheet of payment is sent, a fine of between NT$300 and NT$3,000 should be paid according to the regulations. If a vehicle owner does not obey the regulation to pay off the fuel fee and fine within the specific time, he or she will be sent to the Administrative Enforcement Agency for compulsory implementation.

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