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  • Why should I need to pay the fuel fee for my car?
    1. Paragraph 1 of Article 27 of Highway Act states:“It costs expenditures for highways supervisory authorities to conduct maintenance, repair and construction, safeguard, and management for highways. Fuel fees need to be collected.” Paragraph 2 of the same Article states:“…how fuel fees collected and distributed is regulated by Ministry of Finance with which Ministry of Transportation and Communications negotiates ….”So, based on a principle of “carrying out administrative policies according to laws and regulations,” the highways supervision authorities must collect fuel fees from vehicle owners.
  • If a vehicle owner who does not live at his or her household registration address does not receive notification of fuel fee, what can he or she do?
    1. Except for juridical persons, vehicle owners can submit the application form for changing mailing address. 
  • I can use a system of transferring money in automatic deduction from a bank account to pay my vehicle license tax. However, can I use the same system to pay my fuel fee?
    1. To supply diverse approaches of paying fuel fee, since 2004, we have opened the system of transfer accounts to make automatic payment for fuel fees in financial institutions. Please make a payment of fuel fees for your commercial vehicle before an expiry date of the payment collection period in every season (spring: March 31; summer: June 30; autumn: September 30; winter: December 31). For private vehicles, please pay your fee in automatic deduction from a bank account on July 31 every year. Please also make good use of the system of transfer accounts to make automatic payment .
    2. If you set up an automatic payment, at present, a commission fee is paid by our Department. A notification form will not be sent, but a payment receipt will be sent after the day of deducting money from a bank account. If there is any change matter of a vehicle, such as transfer, revocation, cancellation, suspension, stop driving, and change of address away from Kaohsiung City, is proceeded, our Department will initiatively terminate procedure of transfer deduction.
    3. If you would like to have an Agreement for Starting Automatic Payment of Fuel Charge, You can  print out the form from website of our Department and fill in the form and then send it to our Department one month before the deduction date of the next term (or next season) (a postmark date as a proof).
  • I have paid the fuel fee this year. Why do I still receive a notification form for payment?
    1. Generally speaking, this occurs when an error of an operation date happens. Please keep your receipt. Do not pay the fee again in order to avoid repetition of payment.
  • After buying a vehicle sold by the court, should the buyer pay its accumulated debts of vehicle fuel fee?
    1. According to the public announcement of Ministry of Transportation and Communications on June 13, 2000 (Lu-tai-ji-89-zih No.12804), the person who needs to pay the debts is the winner of the auction.
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