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Periodic Renewal of License

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Applicants should prepare documentary proofs as follows.
  • Original copy of vehicle registration.
  • Motor insurance certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days). If there is any further question, please contact Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan at 0800-221783).
Processing Approach
  • Apply at the counter or via correspondence (for those whose vehicle registration is in Kaohsiung City ).
  • 1st floor at the Headquarters– Telephone No.: (07) 361-3161 Ext. 105.106
  • – Telephone No.: (07) 225-7812 Ext. 105.106
  • Vehicle registration fee is NT$ 200.
  • Those who have not paid unconcluded fines for disobeying traffic regulations or Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, or accumulated debts for fuel fee should clear off these debts first. When applying within one month after the above-mentioned debts are cleared off, a person needs to bring a receipt of the current debt payment with him or her.
  • Those who miss the assigned inspection date need to conduct a periodic inspection first. Those whose stolen vehicle is found need to apply for vehicle inspection at highways supervision authorities first. If they pass this inspection, they can apply for renewal of vehicle registration.
  • Pay the Fee at convenient stores :The renewal fee can be paid in convenient stores (7-ELEVEN, Hi-Life, Family Mart or OK),just touch keys on the screen of Multi-Media Kiosk, print out the payment sheet, and pay at the counter. Total fee is $238(License fee $200, postage $25, commission fee $13; it’s no need to mail any document to us). Please keep the receipt until the new license is received, you maybe need it for enquiry or show to a police officer who ask you to show valid license.
  • Those whose vehicle registration is in the mentioned 11 districts of Kaohsiung City can apply for renewal by mail. Please enclose the fee (by postal giro), required documentary proofs, and a self-addressed envelope (write down the addressee's name, detailed address and telephone number). Send the application via registered mail to Postal License Renewal Subsection, of the Headquarters of Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicle Office(No. 71, Deming Road, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City) or Postal License Renewal Subsection of Linya Station, (No. 22, Ankang Road, Linya District, Kaohsiung City)
    1. Postal giro: Account number: “42239471” (Pay to: “高雄市區監理所行照專戶”).
    2. Amount of remittance: NT$ 232(including NT$200 for vehicle registration fee ,postage $25 and NT$7 for commission charge. If documentary proofs are not complete and thus returned, the commission charge, NT$7, deducted by the post office will not be refunded.) Please keep the receipt until the new license is received, you maybe need it for enquiry or show to a police officer who ask you to show valid license.
    3. If the post office's service counter cannot transfer the remittance for some reason, please ask the counter staff to contact Kaohsiung Sixth Branch Post Office (Nazih Post Office).
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