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Reissue of Lost (Damaged) Vehicle Registration

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Applicants should prepare documentary proofs as follows.
  • Vehicle owner's proofs of identification: Registration for individuals: original copies of ID Cards, military ID Cards, or alien residence certificate.
  • Seals
  • Damaged old vehicle registration (Its submission is not needed if it is lost.)
  • Vehicle owner's duplicate receipt of original “New Automobile License Plate Registration Form”
  • Motor insurance certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days)
  • “Changes in the Registration for Automobile (Motorcycle)” in duplicate (Download the form)
  • If a vehicle owner entrusts an agent to handle matters, the agent's ID Card needs to be enclosed.
Processing Approach Apply at the counter Venue
  • 1st floor at the Headquarters –telephone no.: (07) 361-3161 Ext. 208, 209, 210
  • Linya Station –telephone no: (07)225-7812 Ext. 2501, 2502
  • Vehicle registration fee is NT$ 200.
  • Those who have not paid unconcluded fines for disobeying traffic regulations or Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, or accumulated debts for fuel fee should pay off the debts first. When applying reissue within one month after the above-mentioned debts are cleared, a person needs to bring a receipt of the current debt payment.
  • Those who missed the assigned inspection date need to conduct a periodic inspection first. Those whose vehicle was stolen and then found need to arrange for provisional inspection of the vehicle at motor vehicle offices. If the inspection is passed, they can apply for reissue of vehicle registration.
  • Linya Station does not accept cases involving commercial vehicles and private large vehicles.
  • Reissuing a license plate registration at the same time is limited to vehicles registered under the jurisdiction of our Office only. The person concerned needs to apply in person.
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