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Change of Address

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Applicants should prepare documentary proofs as follows.
  • Vehicle owner's proofs of identification:
    Registration for individuals: original ID Cards, household certificates, or alien residence certificates.
  • Original copy of vehicle registration.
  • Motor insurance certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days).
  • One copy of “Changes in the Registration for Automobile (Motorcycle)” (Download the form). .
  • If a vehicle owner entrusts an agent with application, the agent's original ID Card needs to be shown.
Processing Approach Apply at the counter or via mail Venue
  • 1st floor at the Headquarters-- telephone no.: (07) 361-3161 Ext.105.106
  • - telephone no.: (07)225-7812 Ext. 105.106
  • an expired vehicle registration, a vehicle registration fee of NT$ 150 should be paid. Fuel fees to be collected every two years are also collected.
    Fuel fees collected every two years are as follows.
    1. Below 50 C .C. NT$ 600
    2. 51 - 125 C .C. NT$ 900
    3. 126 – 250 C .C. NT$ 1,200
    4. 251 – 500 C .C. NT$ 1,800
    5. 501 – 600 C .C. NT$ 2,400
    6. 601 – 1200 C .C. NT$ 3,600
    7. Above 1200 C .C. NT$ 4,020
  • Those who have not paid unconcluded fines for disobeying traffic regulations, regulations governing environmental protection, or Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act, or accumulated debts for vehicle license tax and fuel fee should pay off (or by installment) the debts first.
  • Those whose vehicle was stolen and then found need to arrange for an inspection of the vehicle at motor vehicle offices If passing the inspection, they can apply for change.
  • In the case of via mail, please enclose required documentary proofs and a self-addressed stamped envelope (affix stamps of NT$ 25, and write down the addressee's name, telephone number and full address) and send it to Vehicle Plate Registration & Driver's License Management Section at the Headquarters or Linya Station[Address: No. 71, Deming Road, Nanzi District, Kaohsiung City; No. 22, Ankang Road, Linya District, Kaohsiung City (Linya Station)]. If the license will be expired within 2 months, please read the “Periodic Renewal of License” webpage
Visitors: 454 Update Date: 109-07-02 Maintenance Unit: Vehicle Management Section, Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office