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1. I did not receive any notification of vehicle periodic inspection. Why am I discovered to being considered disobedient to Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations ?
The date of periodic inspection is shown on the vehicle registration. So a vehicle owner should pay attention to this matter and conduct the inspection with relevant documentary proofs within one month before or after the assigned date.
2. What documentary proofs should be brought when I attend peri odic inspection?
A private vehicle owner should bring the vehicle registration and motori nsurance certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days) . A commercial vehicle owner should bring the new license plate registration form.
3. What is the time limit for inspection now?
A. Small private passenger vehicles and large heavy-duty motocycle:
‧Within five years: no need for inspection
‧Between five and ten years: once every year
‧Over ten years: twice every year
B. Other private vehicles and business vehicles:
‧Within five years: once every year 
‧Over five years: twice every year
C. Large business passenger vehicles:
‧Within five years: once every year
‧Between five and ten years: twice every year
‧Over ten years: three times every year
4. When my vehicle registration's expiry date and assigned inspection date comes round, can I apply for an inspection of my vehicle in an authorized company (factory) entrusted by Department of Motor vehicles first and then renew my vehicle registration later? If I apply for an inspection on my vehicle in a highways supervision authority, can I also proceed renewal of my vehicle registration there?
You can conduct an inspection in an authorized company (factory) first and then go to a motor vehicles supervision authority to proceed renewal of your vehicle registration. You can also proceed a periodic inspection of your vehicle and renewal of your vehicle registration at the same time at motor vehicles supervision authorities. If your vehicle license tax, fuel fee, and fines for disobeying the regulations are already paid for your vehicle with the registration place in Kaohsiung City, you can go to an assigned inspection company (factory) for renewal of expired vehicle registration and inspection.
5.If my vehicle's registration place is in Kaohsiung City , can I go to other city's or county's Motor Vehicles Supervision Authority to attend a periodic inspection? Or, if my vehicle's registration place is in another city or county, can I go to Department of Motor Vehicles, Kaohsiung City to conduct a periodic inspection?
Since January 29, 2003, a nationwide inter-region network operation about change matters has been made.
Inter-region operation for all change matters can be proceeded with, except the following matters:

•  Applying for new license plates for commercial vehicles (including rental ones), private large passenger vehicles (wagons) and trailers.
•  Changes in registration for commercial vehicles (including rental ones), private large passenger vehicles (wagons) and trailers.
•  Applying for new license plates for vehicles of official affairs usage.
•  Vehicles without renewal of license plates
•  Registration for setting-up of chattel secured transaction, extension of a time limit, change, and cancellation. Applying for a new license plate for sealed-up and prohibited vehicles.
•  Applying for a construction plan, establishment and any change matter of authorized inspection company (factory).
•  Registration for transfer of vehicles handed for or sold at auction by the court.
•  Cancellation of registration and renewal of registration for vehicles ineligible to transfer.
•  An offshore-island tax-free vehicle inspection (except those who voluntarily cancel tax-free, fill in an Application Form for Surrendering Tax Free, and submit vehicle license tax.).
An inspection of a commercial vehicle (including a rental one) and a private large passenger vehicle (wagon) before a vehicle registration is proceeded, and any change for these vehicles (mentioned in Points 1 & 2) can be done via an inter-region procedure.
6. In cases of application for new license plates for a vehicle of official affairs usage, vehicles with chattel secured transaction, and sealed-up and prohibited vehicles, the periodic inspection dates are January 28 to 31. What is the final date for avoiding an overdue fine?
If the periodic inspection dates are January 28 to 31, the final date for avoiding an overdue fine will be February 28. If February 28 is a holiday, the final date for avoiding an overdue fine is March 1.
7. When receiving a notification of a provisional inspection sent from Department of Motor Vehicles, where should I go to conduct an inspection of my vehicle? Can I go to an authorized inspection company (factory) to do this?
A provisional inspection notified by our Department should be done in our Department, not in an authorized inspection company (factory).
8. I am notified by Department of Motor Vehicles to take a provisional inspection. What documentary proofs should I prepare for the inspection? What items should the inspection involve?
When a provisional inspection on vehicle takes place, please bring the vehicle registration, new license plate registration form, motor i nsurance certificate (the period of valid insurance must be over 30 days) and a notification or a provisional inspection with you. If the notification for a provisional inspection describes a detail of disobeying the regulations, you only need to proceed with inspections on violated matt ers. If there is no special description, the matters of the inspection are the same as those of a periodic inspection.
9. How much does it cost to attend a provisional inspection?
It costs nothing to take a provisional inspection. But, if you take a periodic inspection and change inspection while taking a provisional inspection, you will need to pay an inspection fee.
10. What penalty will I receive if I do not attend a provisional inspection?
Article 17 of Act Governing the Punishment of Violation of Road Traffic Regulations states: “If a vehicle does not receive a periodic inspection or a provisional inspection within the specific time, its ow ner should pay a fine of over NT$ 900 and less than NT$ 1,800 . Over one month later, his or her license plates should be under suspension. Until an inspection is made and passed, the license plates can be returned. If the inspection has not been made for over six months, the license plates will be cancelled.”
11. In a case of applying for a provisional inspection notification, if an official document of provisional inspection notification has been lost, can I be allowed to apply for an inspection?
12. On an inspection on vehicle, why do es the motor ins urance certificate need to be checked?
Paragraph 2 of Article 16 of “Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act”states“If a vehicle owner does not take out this insurance policy or its period of valid insurance is less than 30 days a highways supervision authority will neither issue license plates or temporary access permit, nor reissue vehicle registration and allow transfer, change matters, or inspections.”
13. Why should I settle an incident of disobeying Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act before receiving an inspection of my vehicle?
Paragraph 5 of Article 51 of “Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance Act“ states: “Prior to the payment of an administrative fine issued pursuant to this Act, a highway supervisory authority will not process any license re-issuance, register an alteration [of registered particulars], or handle inspection for an automobile for which establishment of a contract for of this insurance is required.”
14. Can I use a payment receipt for my compulsory automobile liability insurance to replace a motor insurance certificate?
If a payment receipt of compulsory automobile liability insurance is checked and no fabrication occurs, it can replace the motor insurance certificate.

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