:::Functions and Duties of All Sections and Offices and Their Contacts
Headquarter's switchboard: 07-3613161 Lingya Station: 07-2257812
Sections and Offices Functions and Duties Telephone Number
Vehicle Inspection & Driving Test Management Inspections of automobiles or motorcycles, driving license test, test for technicians and mechanics, and relevant matters. 3613161

Ext. 216, 217, 218
Vehicle Plate Registration & Driver's License Management Issue and management of license plates of automobile or motorcycle licenses and technicians certificate, vehicle mobilization and relevant matters. 3613161

Ext. 223, 213, 279
Transport & Patrol ExaminationManagement Handling of traffic patrol, examination and inspection of traffic violation, supervision and management of traffic safety education and vehicle transportation industry, and relevant matters. 3613161

Ext. 229, 230, 231
Vehicle Fuel Tax Section Handling of automobile or motorcycle fuel fee and other matters. 3613161

Ext. 233, 212
Lingya Station Handling of affairs of every section of our Department and motorcycle inspections, motorcycle driving license tests, license plates and driving licenses of automobile and motorcycle, and motorcycle fuel fee currently according to needs of business. 2257812

Ext. 2704
General Affairs Office Handling of affairs related to documents, research, evaluation, news and contacts, general affairs, cashiers, seal safeguarding, public property and other affairs unrelated to other sections and offices. 3613161

Ext. 245
Information Management Office Handling of matters about electronic data and information about our Department and other branch offices. 3613161

Ext. 235
Accounting Office Handling of annual budget, accounting and statistics. 3613161

Ext. 256
Personnel Office Handling of matters related to personnel management. 3613161

Ext. 258
Civil Service Ethics Office Handling of matters related to civil service ethics. 3613161

Ext. 260
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Headquarter:Monday to Friday --08:00~12:00(A.M) 13:00~17:00(P.M)

Headquarter Offering Extended Hours Service : Monday-17:00~19:00(P.M)

Lingya Staion : Monday to Friday --08:00~12:00(A.M)13:00~17:00(P.M)

Address: No.71,Demin Rd.,Nanzih District,Kaohsiung City 81157,Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Phone No.:886-7-3613161

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