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Service Hours:

Headquarter: Monday to Friday -- 08:00~12:00 (A.M.) 13:00~17:00 (P.M.)

Headquarter Offering Extended Hours Service: Monday - 17:00~19:00 (P.M.) (Please pay off all the traffic violation fines, vehicle license tax, fuel fees and finish the vehicle inspection first if required)

Lingya Station: Monday to Friday -- 08:00~12:00 (A.M) 13:00~17:00 (P.M.)

There is no lunch break for the related services of the driving license and license plates including:

1.Periodic renewals of the automobile and motorcycle license plates, vehicle revocation, change of address, cancellation for the stolen vehicle, vehicle suspension and transfer, alternation of the name of the car owner, reissuance for the lost (damaged) vehicle license, lost replacement for the license plate registration form, cancellation for refusal to transfer, and cancellation of license plate.

2. Changes in driving licenses of automobile or motorcycle

Service phone No.

Headquarter : 07-3613161
Lingya Station : 07-2257812
Fax No.:
Headquarter : 07-3619367 Lingya Station : 07-2258531


No. 71, Deming Road, Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City (Headquarter)
No. 22, Ankang Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City (Lingya Station)
Website: https://khcmv.thb.gov.tw


(Headquarter) No. 71, Deming Road , Nanzih District, Kaohsiung City

Headquarter Map

Transportation Directions:
Take Bus No.301 or No.29 or R58 and get off at the stop of “Department of Motor Vehicle” ( Opposite to Kaohsiung Metropolitan Park )

(Lingya Station)No. 22, Ankang Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung City

Lingya Station Map

Transportation Directions:
Take Bus No.88 get off st.Dominic High School ( Opposite to Kaohsiung Municipal Kaihsuan Primary School )

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Headquarter:Monday to Friday --08:00~12:00(A.M) 13:00~17:00(P.M)

Headquarter Offering Extended Hours Service : Monday-17:00~19:00(P.M)

Lingya Staion : Monday to Friday --08:00~12:00(A.M)13:00~17:00(P.M)

Address: No.71,Demin Rd.,Nanzih District,Kaohsiung City 81157,Taiwan(R.O.C.)

Phone No.:886-7-3613161

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